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Back to the Bourbon Trail!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

I should tell you that I'm a fan of Bourbon. I'm not an expert by any means and it's taken me a while to acquire a taste . I recently took my family to Kentucky to do the Bourbon trail and pick up some bottles from Makers Mark that I have waited seven years for the barrel to mature. Makers invited me to a private tour and the opportunity to hand dip the red wax on each of my bottles purchased. When I got the news the barrel was ready I quickly planned this trip. I was like a kid on the night before Christmas. We visited 5 of the distilleries in one weekend. There are approximately 25 distilleries total within the area. You have to make reservations and plan accordingly. The distilleries are not close to each other and they have car/bus services available. If you enjoy learning the history and sipping some of the best Bourbons I would highly recommend a trip. I ate and drank my share all through the Bourbon Trail! Here's my list:

Heaven Hill The tour guide was a hoot and so much fun . Who knew they have the best Bourbon ice cream sandwiches!

Bardstown My absolute favorite restaurant and bar!

Buffalo Trace- NOLA connection The Distillery in 1992 was finally returned to a family-owned business, after purchase by the Sazerac Company. My favorite one in this flight was Bourbon and cream!

Willet Great Bar and Restaurant to stop in between distilleries Old fashioned and Whiskey Sour!

Makers Mark Such a cool town and the history of the facility!

Best of luck to win one of my bottles of Maker's Mark over on my social media pages or maybe you may get one at some point at the closing table! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to enter!

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